Email is our preferred method of handling majority of issues. For urgent issues, we try to respond promptly. So please be as detailed as possible so we can help you faster Have one of these common requests? You can still email us if needed.

  1. How to Create Wardrobe?
  2. Logon to your account. Go to Dashboard > Wardrobe.

  3. Is there a recommended way to take pictures of the item for wardrobe?
  4. We recommend a clear picture of the item, preferably taken with a contrasting background. Our suggestion would be to lay the clothes on flat surface or use hangers.

  5. How to add a new section in Wardrobe?
  6. Go to Dashboard > Wardrobe and click Add New Section

  7. Need to cancel your appointment?
  8. Go to your Dashboard > Appointment > Requests. Find the one one you want to cancel.

  9. Need to rescheduling your appointment?
  10. Simply cancel an existing appointment and request a new one.

  11. When creating a Video Chat appointment, what is Ending Date and Preferred Date?
  12. Ending Date is when the request automatically cancels if the stylist hasn’t accepted your request. Preferred Date is when you would want the Video Chat to take place